An Invitation - ROOTCON: 5th Philippine H@ck3rz Conference and Information Security Gathering

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An Invitation - ROOTCON: 5th Philippine H@ck3rz Conference and Information Security Gathering

Post by scryptz0 on Sun May 29, 2011 1:47 am

ATTENTION: HR Managers, Hiring Managers, CEO / President / Vice President, Supervisors, Business Owners, IT Managers, Teachers / Faculty members, IT professionals and interested individuals

"Your employees are your biggest security challenge. Constant education of users is crucial. When they join the company, a proper orientation should be held to explain the importance of information security, what it entails, what they should and should not be doing." ~ Jack Loo

"We know that when employees are first hired, the messages they receive in the sea of signing forms, learning about benefits and listening to speeches are too soon lost in the transition. A post-orientation process is essential to ensure that security-related responsibilities are understood and fulfilled." ~ George Campbell

We humbly invite you and your organization to participate "ROOTCON: 5th Philippine manyakz Conference and Information Security Gathering" on September 9 - 10, 2011 (Remember 911). The event will take place in Parklane International Hotel, Cebu City.

Early Bird registration is now open until June 30, 2011. Group discount also applies. Campus Tour will kick in for the following schools: University of San Carlos, University of San Jose Recolletos and Cebu Institute of Technology.

Our objective is simple - "Promote Security Awareness" be it in the personal level, business or in the academe.

For participants who are outside Cebu, you can also seek our assistance for your room accommodation. We can scout a cheaper / affordable pension house or hotel that will fit with your budget.

The highlights of this event are our invited keynote speaker from InfoWeapons (, 2-day seminar tracks, open public hacking contest (yeah), exhibits, raffle draws, etc.

Topics that we have in every convention are not recycled, so these topics for ROOTCON 2011 are new set of topics approved by our committee through our "Call For Papers". We scrutinize our speakers and so with their topics if they are obsolete or updated. Now you know that our speakers are “The Experts” with solid experience on security.

I know how important it is not to miss this unique gathering and I personally love it because every participant comes away from the experience having really benefited from it. So now is your chance to increase your knowledge on security, opportunity to socialize, connect and reconnect again with other professionals.
If you have time, please email us at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
For more info, visit the following links: (Subscribe to our mailing list) (Early Bird and Group Discount) (List of topics) (The Speakers) (The Sponsorship Packages) (ROOTCON Blog site)

Please disseminate or forward this invitation, in its entirety, to your colleagues, coworkers, friends and even to your kuyapotski, because you want to add value to their work and lives.

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